On the 15th January 2024 our Pastor, David Helsten, left us to join the Baptist Church in Redditch. David had been with us for many years and we have been extremely blessed by his ministry but we know that his move is just one part of God's plan for him and his family, for his new church and for us at Milford Baptist Church.

For the past few months our Leadership Team at Milford have been working to ensure that we continue to follow God's plan for us. All practical matters are being managed and we have a programme for Sunday worship in place for the months to come - with a variety of visiting preachers and speakers who will be supporting and leading us, as well as members of our team here who will be rising to the challenge. We look forward to this period of change with great optimism and anticipation as we seek to do the Lord's will and be guided by Him.

If you are unable to come and see us in person we ask you to continue your visits to this website, where we will keep you updated with our progress on the journey we are about to take. Above all we ask that you will pray for us and our work here in Milford. May the Lord continue to give us His strength and guidance.





Page last updated: Tuesday 6th February 2024 10:47 AM
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