Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

Maybe you’ve been surprised by my current sermon series. As it’s all about Jesus and signposts to Easter, why is it all based on the Old Testament?

The Old Testament sometimes gets a bad press among Christians: it’s full of strange laws and ancient rituals, unknown countries and unpronounceable names – so why should we bother?

Because everything that happens in the world, big or small, is part of a chain of events that influence and illuminate each other, and the life and death of Jesus is no exception. The coming of Jesus was the culmination of a long series of events described in the Old Testament, including the calling of Abraham and the exodus from Egypt of his descendants, the Jews. Jesus was himself a Jew, a member of God’s chosen people who had been prepared over the centuries for the arrival of the Messiah.

Basically, without the Old Testament we wouldn’t have any of the necessary background to Jesus. Not only would we know nothing about Israel’s calling, priesthood, Temple and Law; we also wouldn’t have any concept of sin or sacrifices dealing with sin, or about the promised Deliverer who was going to deal decisively with the problem of sin. We wouldn’t even know who the God is that sent Jesus to be that Deliverer.

Virtually every book of the New Testament har quotes or allusions to the Old Testament, and Paul tells us that all of Scripture – by which he means the Old Testament, since the New hadn’t been written yet – is inspired and useful for teaching and edifying believers (2 Tim 3:16). It’s there for a reason, and we ignore it at our peril!

Blessings, David

(March 2021)

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