Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

Soon we’ll know if rough winds will shake the darling buds of May, as they most certainly have done during April – but we still hope to be able to have our services outside again very soon. The main advantage of that is of course that we will be able to sing as part of the actual service!

The shifting seasons is really a wonderful blessing from God. It’s a testimony to his creativity, as well as to his provision for us. We may not be as aware as our forebears of the ploughing – sowing – harvesting cycle, but the seasonal turn-over still provides both stability (= security) and variety (= stimulation): it’s the same every year, and yet new and exciting every time.

On the social level, there’s a similar pattern of change and continuity, although less obvious (and maybe less desirable). We’re currently living in a pandemic; but there have been many epidemics in the past. There have always been times of war as well as times of peace, times of political unrest as well as stability; times of economic security as well as famines and financial crashes.

This means that if we pin all our hopes on politicians, economists or virologists, we will be disappointed. They have very little actual control over the shifting sands of human circumstances, especially when they involve viruses, hurricanes and coastal erosion.

The only one who knows exactly what’s going on, where it’s all heading and what to do about it is God our Creator. He’s on the throne at the centre of existence, he’s the beginning and the end, and he is our loving Father; so our best bet is simply to cling to him and his promise to bring us through it all, whatever the weather.

(May 2021)

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