Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

We’ve certainly had a strange spring and summer this year, and as autumn draws in, it doesn’t seem like things are going to get any less strange… but when the world is being shaken, it helps to keep our eyes on the fixed things of God that cannot be shaken:

The tomb of Jesus is still empty, and death has been defeated. Whether we live or die, Jesus has offered eternal life to all who put their trust in his death and resurrection, and all who believe become children of God. Nobody and nothing can take that glorious assurance away from us!

Jesus is still King of kings and Lord of lords, and even though the nations may rage and fight each other, he’s coming back one day to establish his eternal kingdom where there will be no political divisions and no suffering, sickness and death.

Until that day, the church is still the body of Christ on earth, filled with the Holy Spirit and called to live holy and compassionate lies that reflect our heavenly Father. This we can do whatever is going on in the world – no virus can stop us loving God and our neighbours!

Yes, the command to love our neighbour as ourselves also stands, as does the command to be Jesus’ witnesses in the world. This mandate doesn’t change with the shifting political winds, and it has nothing to do with how influential the church may or may not be.

So if you look the world and wonder what on earth is going on and how it will ever get better, remember what Peter tells us to do: “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). You can’t go far wrong if you take all your thoughts and fears to God, and allow him to fill you with his peace. It might not always be easy, but it’s definitely worth a go!



(October 2020)

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