Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

Way back in July, a non-Christian on Twitter asked:

Imagine someone is visiting your church for the first time. Your sermon might be the only one they've ever heard. Perhaps the only one they will ever hear. What would you have wanted to share with them about the central message of Christianity?

Great question! And my answer is: probably the sermon I preached at Irene’s baptism back in June, based on 2 Tim 1:6-14 (still available online):

God the Father gives us eternal life through Jesus who has defeated death and brought life and immortality to light, and through the Holy Spirit he gives us power, love and self-discipline to live holy lives to his glory.

When Paul was on his way to Rome to stand trial, he stopped off in Ephesus; and as he said goodbye to the church there, he claimed: “I have not hesitated to preach anything that would be helpful to you … the whole will of God” (Acts 20:20,27). As I prepare to leave Milford (thankfully not to stand trial!), I hope the same can be said about me…

I have definitely tried to preach what I thought would be helpful to the church, seeking the guidance of the Spirit as I picked passages and prepared sermons. And if I’ve sometimes omitted important but secondary topics in order to focus on the basic gospel message, I hope you can forgive me!

Perhaps the above summary of one particular sermon doesn’t quite comprise “the whole will of God”, but it surely sums up the most important part of it: God’s plan of salvation and restoration, brought to completion in Jesus the promised Messiah.

Because, as you’ve heard me say many times, it really is all about Jesus!



(January 2024)

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