Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

Last Sunday the visiting speaker from SAT-7 made a comment about the songs we’d just sung, stating that it was good to sing “a modern song with content”. I can’t disagree with that – I definitely try to avoid songs and hymns with no (or questionable) content! But there are several different kinds of valid content, in both old and new songs.

We need songs and hymns which express the greatness of God and the glory of what Jesus has done: songs that correctly express the great truths of our faith in new or well-known words.

We also need songs/hymns that allow us to respond to the gospel invitation, allowing us to spell out our dedication to discipleship, faith and evangelism.

And then we need songs that put us into the story. It’s commonplace to complain that modern songs focus too much on “me”, and it’s good to be wary of that tendency (it’s actually quite common in older hymns as well); but we also mustn’t forget that we are included in the story: the sin nailed to the cross included mine, and that the hope that’s found in Christ alone is also mine!

And many of these songs and hymns invite us to praise and worship God because of what he has done: worship should come naturally when we realise just how amazing Jesus really is! And it’s OK if some songs just help us express our worship without spelling out the complete gospel – we need simple love songs as well as triumphant proclamations.

If our singing features a mixture of these types of content, then all we need is for the Holy Spirit to infuse us with faith and love to make it all real and personal, and we’re good to go!

Blessings, David

(November 2021)

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