Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

“The times they are a-changing’” – or at least they were in 1963 when Bob Dylan wrote that song. That was before I was born, and believe it or not, things have been changing ever since…

We don’t know yet what changes will come out of the discernment process, but one thing is certain: nothing ever stays the same, not even church. There may be changes to how we worship, there may be changes to the building where we worship, and we certainly hope there will be changes in the congregation that worships there…

For one thing, we would obviously like to see more people come and join us. We know there are people in the village who have seen the Baptist church but never been inside it, and we know that thanks to COVID, people are asking the big questions about life and death and ultimate meaning. Please pray that we would be able to introduce many more people to Jesus!

But we also pray for change in the people who worship here. Following Jesus is all about change: growing in faith, becoming more like Jesus – and as long as we’re still in this mortal body we will never be quite finished. The old nature doesn’t let go easily, and we have to die to get rid of it – first by being united in baptism with Jesus’ death and resurrection, and then through physical death which will purge away any remainders of our innate sinfulness.

But until that day, we need to ask the Holy Spirit to keep changing us. The power and impetus and direction of the change has to come from God; all we can contribute is our willingness!

Blessings, David

(September 2021)

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