Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

So, should Christians be involved in politics?

At Easter, the Archbishop criticised the government’s treatment of refugees; many Christians are trying to influence our lawgivers on matters of sexuality and identity; most of us condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. All of these are political issues – and I don’t think we either could or should avoid them.

It’s true that our main mission in this world is to proclaim the Gospel, telling the world that King Jesus defeated sin and death when he died and rose again. But the corollary of that is that we are called to live as his disciples in the world, which means subjecting everything – including our political opinions and how we express them – to him and his truth.

How do we do that? By reading the Bible, obviously, but also by discussing it with other believers. Not all contemporary issues are explicitly addressed in the Bible, and we might need to think long and hard about how to apply what it does say to the issues we’re facing today.

We’re never going to agree on the best course of action in every difficult issue – but we should at least agree that we need to seek God’s guidance, not just nod along with our favourite politician or newspaper. There’s a lot of spin, propaganda and hidden agendas out there!

And whatever our political stance, our main driving force has to be mercy, compassion and love. We must love those who agree with us and those who don’t, those far away and those next door, our friends and our enemies. That’s the example Jesus has set for us, and woe betide us if we substitute any other principle for Jesus’ own sacrificial love!

Blessings, David

(May 2022)

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