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  • Milford-on-Sea Baptist Church is a Bible-believing church in a lovely sea side village on the edge of the New Forest. We are said to be a very welcoming church; you'd better come along and find out for yourself...

     Our Sunday service is at 10.30am and aims to cater for the needs of all ages (there are toys at the back of the church).
    Our church is located in Barnes Lane (SO41 0RN), opposite the Recreation Ground - there's a link below to a map.
    Everybody is welcome - come and join us!

    We currently meet for in-person worship (without singing) in the building (also livestreamed on YouTube), and then those who want to gather outside for some singing after the service. We hope soon to be able to hold the whole service outside!

    Sunday 9th May: watch the livestream here.

    Sunday 2nd May: 1 Peter 1:13-2:3 Being Holy Like Jesus
    Entire service or just the sermon (17 min)

    Sunday 25th April: Mark 4:35-41 Jesus in the Storm 
    Entire service or just the sermon (24 min)

    Sunday 18th April: Mark 1:9-20; John 1:29-42 Jesus Is Great
    Entire service or just the sermon (21 min)

    Sunday 11th April: Rom 5:8 Jesus Died for Us
    Entire service (incl communion) or just the sermon (16 min)

    Easter Sunday 4th April: Jesus is Risen!
    Entire service (61 min) or just the sermon (23 min).


    We collect old tools for TWAM who restores them and ships them out to Africa.
    If you want to donate tools, please call Tony Styles on (01590) 643109.


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