Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

Fifty years ago this month, Neil Armstrong took a small step onto the surface of the moon. I was only two (OK, nearly three) at the time, so I have no personal recollection of this giant leap for mankind, but I know that it won my dad a bet that humanity would reach the moon before 1970…

Space has always fascinated human beings – the seven-star constellation known as the Pleiades actually features on a 3,600 years old bronze representation of the night sky, and it’s also mentioned three times in the Old Testament.

Back then, people were inclined to worship the heavenly bodies, sun and moon and stars – not surprising since they seem so powerful and totally outside of our control. So it’s worth noting that in the Bible, those heavenly bodies are simply divinely ordained time-keepers: God is their creator, and they have no power and influence over events on earth (which rules out astrology – and why would you put your trust in the remote stars rather than God our Father who put them there?).

I used to think I’d quite like to be the first space chaplain – surely that lunar base will include a chapel… Today my chances of ever getting to the moon seem slim, but never mind: I can at least enjoy its beauty and join in with the heavenly chorus in worshipping the God who created both me and them.

Praise him, sun and moon; praise him, all you shining stars. (Ps 148:3)



(July 2019)