Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

So, this is the month when I will disappear from sight for a while… as I will be on sabbatical leave from the 18th June until the 23rd September inclusive. This does of course include some family holiday time, but it’s still a substantial amount of time to be “off work”. So what is that all about?

Well, it’s not just an extended holiday! The sabbatical is intended to be a time of study and refreshment, and I intend to make the most of both aspects.

I already have a bunch of books I will want to read and study carefully, in order to improve my ministry and my understanding of the Bible; but there are two topics I particularly want to devote myself to: revivals and C H Spurgeon.

Yes, it sounds funny, but there’s reason in the madness. Charles Spurgeon was pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London (1854-1892) and is sometimes called “the prince of preachers”. So obviously I hope to glean something from studying his life and his sermons – although whether it will make any difference to my own preaching remains to be seen! J

As for ‘revivals’ (by which I mean seasons of increased spiritual growth and more conversions than normal, often transforming entire areas and usually stretching over a longish period of time), I hope to learn what led up to it, and whether there’s anything the great revivals in the past have had in common – because if there is, surely we should seriously consider following in their footsteps!

I will of course report back in some form once I’m back in action again; until then, have a great summer, make the most of the more varied worship diet you will receive from visiting preachers, and pray for me and the church that we will all benefit from this little disruption of the routine!


(June 2018)