Pastor's Letter


He was born in the house of his stepfather’s relatives, relying on the animals to provide his first bed.

He stayed with friends and supporters, relying on others to provide food and shelter for him and his followers.

He rode into Jerusalem on a borrowed donkey, relying on an unknown villager to provide a humble beast of burden for his triumphal entry.

He died on a Roman cross, relying on the enemy of his people to provide the means of his sacrifice.

He was buried in Joseph’s tomb, relying on a secret disciple to provide the burial site and do the last honours.


When he taught about the Kingdom of God, it was on his own authority.

When he died on the cross, it was his own blood he shed.

When he walked out of the tomb, it was his own glory that shone around the garden.

When he appeared to the disciples, it was his own victory he proclaimed.

When he ascended into heaven, it was his own throne he was returning to.

When he forgives our sins, it is his own righteousness we receive.

When he invites us to follow him, it is his own love he is offering.

Everything that really matters is rightfully his – and he loves to share!



(April 2018)