Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,


The carolling is over, and we’re looking ahead at another year. At this point it’s customary to point out that we don’t know what surprises 2019 might hold, but presumably you already know that…

Instead, let me point out some of the things we do know about 2019:

We will be running The Bible Course on Tuesday evenings in February and March. This is an eight-session overview of the Bible, which we strongly recommend to everyone!

We will be celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus in April – yes, I know we do Easter every year, but it’s still important! And as usual, we will be celebrating with the other churches, which is also important.

We will all be a year older by the end, which you may not be as excited about as you once were… But if nothing else, it reminds us that we’re not here to stay: there will come one year when we won’t reach New Year’s Eve – either because our life has come to an end or because Jesus has come back and put an end to the entirety of time.

In either case, never forget that this world isn’t your final destination; the implications of that truth are more important than anything else, however momentous (or not) 2019 turns out to be…



(January 2019)