Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

As you know, September is the month when things start up again: all those mid-week meetings that stopped in August are once again filling the pages of the church diary. And it’s also a good time to start a new preaching series: this year, we’re going to be looking at the book of Revelation!!

Yes, you may think I have bitten of more than I can chew – but let’s give it a go anyway, shall we? The book of Revelation isn’t just weird apocalyptic visions and strange creatures (although they feature as well). It has a lot to teach us about living for Jesus in a hostile world, and it provides some of the Bible’s most amazing pictures of heavenly worship and eternal happiness.

So as I start this sermon series (which will actually split into two parts, with Advent and Christmas in between), I will aim to avoid complicated and inconclusive arguments, and instead focus on the things we do understand and what we can learn from them.

And if I occasionally have to point out that there are different opinions about certain things, well – that’s just the nature of the beast (!), and I hope you will forgive me...

In this context, let me also remind you: if these sermons give rise to questions (whether because of something I said or something I didn’t), please get in touch! Sunday sermons are primarily meant to challenge and inspire your walk with Jesus and so can’t cover everything; but if you are curious and want to know more about some obscure aspect of Revelation, I am always happy to chat!



(September 2019)