Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

Have you ever wondered why we always read the Bible in church? Why I keep preaching from the Bible? Why it matters what the book of Revelation is trying to say – or Romans, for that matter?

Well, if we want to know God better, we don’t have much choice! We’re not likely to be able to be able to figure out on our own who God is, what he has done, or what he wants from us. In particular, the sacrificial love of God and his solution to the problem of human sin would be very hard to work out using only human reasoning and experience!

In fact, I would even say that nobody could ever have guessed at God’s plan of salvation. Without the Bible, we wouldn’t know about the promise God made to Abraham, we wouldn’t know the prophecies about the coming Saviour, and we obviously wouldn’t know very much about Jesus!

So if we trust the authors of Scripture when they tell us about Jesus and God’s plan of salvation, we can’t really choose to disregard what they tell us about Jesus’ teaching (as mediated by his authorised apostles) and what it means to be a citizen of his Kingdom.

It’s important to understand how the Bible works (e.g. the difference between the Old and New Testaments), but it’s even more important to grasp and apply what the Bible says about us and God.

Which means it’s essential for a Christian to read and think about the Bible. If you don’t understand something, feel free to ask – you’re not the first person to do so! – but don’t ignore the written testimony to God’s mighty wonders and wonderful love. There’s no book quite like the Bible!



(November 2019)

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