Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

There’s quite a lot of exciting things going on in our church right now:

The Life Explored course has started, with 16 people present the first Tuesday evening; and it’s promising to be both exciting and challenging. Come along and join in the adventure – it doesn’t matter if you missed the first session!

Our HOPE 2018 mission – the churches in Milford reaching our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ – has also kicked off. The joint launch service on the 21st January was well attended despite the pouring rain, and our guest speaker certainly displayed a lot of enthusiasm about the power and the truth of our message!

And was it really just coincidence that Steve Brady’s message that evening was based on the Sermon on the Mount, just as my current sermon series? Jesus’ teaching on what it means to live as citizens of the Kingdom of God is incredibly challenging, but how will the world realise that Jesus is King if we live as if our faith commitment to him doesn’t make any difference?

So the three things really fit together: Life Explored invites us to find ultimate fulfilment in God, HOPE 2018 inspires us to extend that invitation to everyone around us, and the Sermon on the Mount helps us understand just how radical the Kingdom of God is. If we take these things to heart and allow the Holy Spirit to transform us accordingly, who knows where 2018 will take us!


(February 2018)