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  • Milford-on-Sea Baptist Church is a Bible-believing church in a lovely sea side village on the edge of the New Forest. We are said to be a very welcoming church; you'd better come along and find out for yourself...

     Our Sunday service is at 10.30am and aims to cater for the needs of all ages (there are toys at the back of the church).
    Our church is located in Barnes Lane (SO41 0RN), opposite the Recreation Ground - there's a link below to a map.
    Everybody is welcome - come and join us!


    This Sunday (2/8) we were OUTSIDE the church.
    Everyone is welcome!

    We are still posting online services:

    Sunday 2nd August (outside the church):
    Acts 12:1-17 The Surprise of the Church
    Just the sermon (20 min) or the entire service (about an hour)

    No communion was served in the morning service,
    but a communion service is available online.

    Sunday 26th July (outside the church):
    Acts 10:34-48 The Inclusivity of the Church part 2
    Just the sermon (about 20 min) or The entire service (about 60 min)

    Sunday 19th July (first live service in church):
    Acts 10:1-23 The Inclusivity of the Church
    Just the sermon (20 min) or the entire service (about an hour)
    (Please note that the quality of the recording is very bad... )

    Sunday 12th July:
    Acts 9:1-22 The Teacher of the Church (Paul)
    Just the sermon (20 min) or an entire service (40 min)

    Sunday 5th July (includes communion):
    Acts 8:26-40 The Sacraments of the Church
    Just the sermon + communion (22 min) or the entire service (45 min)

    Sunday 28th June:
    Acts 6:8-15, 7:54-8:3 The Conflict of the Church
    Just the sermon (21 min) or an entire service (39 min)

    Sunday 21st June:
    Acts 4:23-31 The Prayer of the Church
    Just the sermon (20 min) or Entire service (32 min)

    Sunday 14th June:
    Acts 2:42-47 and 4:32-37 The Life of the Church
    Just the sermon or Complete service

    Sunday 7th June (includes communion):
    Acts 2:22-41 The Message of the Church
    Only Sermon & Communion or Entire Service

    Sunday 31st May:
    Acs 2:22-41 The (Holy) Spirit of the Church
    Only Sermon or Entire Service

    Sunday 24th May:
    Acts 1:1-14 The Waiting of the church

    Sunday 17th May:
    Ephesians 3:10-11 Is the Church Essential?

    Sunday 10th May:
    Romans 12:1-2 Being Transformed 

    Sunday 3rd May (includes communion):
    Psalm 116:1-6 God's Great Rescue Operation

    Sunday 26th April:
    Romans 8:31-39 God's Great Love

    We collect old tools for TWAM who restores them and ships them out to Africa.
    If you want to donate tools, please call Tony Styles on (01590) 643109.


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